May 2022 - Kitchen Cleaning

It's time for the monthly round up of fabulous products in May's Simple Swaps Subscription Box. 

2kg Euca Dishingwasher Powder

A commercial grade blend made using Natural Peppermint Oil for its superior cleaning and deodorising properties with added rinse aid to make your glasses sparkle.

Euca Dish Washing Powder contains no synthetic perfume or added fillers known to clog your machine or leave residue on your wash. It is a hardworking, 100% biodegradable and 100% soluble wash that can be used on any setting and is ideal for eco washes. (taken from )

500ml Koala Eco natural Stainless Cleaner -

We love Koala Eco and there's a very good reason why. Koala Eco products are safe powerful plant based and made with Australian essential oils. What better way to clean your stainless steel appliances?

Ever Eco Pot Scrubber - 

Made from bamboo with palm leaf bristles, this pot scrubber is tough on grime but kind on the planet. I've personally been using mine for over around 2 months and it's as good as new (and I don't even have a dishwasher). Just be sure to leave it where it can dry between uses to extend its life. 

Ever Eco Eco Sponge Cloths 2pk- 

Beautiful and functional, these multipurpose cloths are made from 70% plant cellulose and 30% cotton. Pop in the washing machine or the top shelf of your dishwasher to clean. They are of course biodegradable and home compostable at the end of their life. 

Ever Eco Loofah Dish Sponges 2pk - 

Dish sponges have gotten a sustainable glow up! Designed to replace synthetic sponges, these zero waste heroes are made from loofah plant fibre and are totally compostable.

I know, I know, probably overkill on the Ever Eco products this month but hey, I did promise to bring you the good stuff so I'm not sorry about it. And these three products have your dishwashing needs covered. 

Lastly this month we bring you

BioTuff Kitchen Tidy Bags - 

This roll of 25 kitchen tidy bags are domestically biodegradable and compostable, manufactured using renewable resources, plant based thermoplastic corn starch resins

Perfect for your kitchen compostables.

Essentials box - omit loofah sponges and sponge cloths

So here we are again, the end of another fun filled month. 

I'll be back in June with the next round up. 

Kylie xo

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