October 2021 Product Reveal

It's officially been six months! How exciting is that? 6 whole months of introducing you to Simple Swaps from Australian owned businesses that are better for you and the environment. 

This month's  is bathroom cleaning themed so let's get cracking and tell you what's in the box.

Essentials Box

First up this month we have the Retro Kitchen compostable sponge cloth. These cloths are amazing! In fact if you were one of our lucky subscribers who signed up during our pre-launch period you would have received one as a free gift (side note, I'd love to know how it's holding up). 

Not only are they a great all round cleaning cloth, they are made from cotton and cellulose so when they are worn out you can throw them in your compost or even worm farm. They are lint free too so great for glass and mirrors.


Next on the list is this  Eco Max scrubbing brush. 

This is a Japanese inspired scrubbing brush with the bristles being made of two vegetable fibres (tampico and rice root) on an FSC certified rubber wood base that is rounded and comfortable to hold. Not only is this scrubbing brush natural and effective, you guessed it, at the end of its life it's completely compostable. 

Number 3 on the list is Green Goo's 500ml Bathroom Buster

There are so many things I love about this brand. First of all they are a local Cairns based company and this is the first opportunity I've had to support a business that is truly local to me which is exciting. Secondly they use all natural ingredients in their products which are incredible for combating the dreaded mould problem that we are all too familiar with up here in the tropics. 

Bathroom Buster is specially formulated using a proprietary formulation of mould killing essential oils. A great all round bathroom cleaner, it will cut through soap scum, work hard against mould and can even be used for glass!

It has no added bleach, ammonia, chlorine, sulphates, phosphates or artificial fragrances. And it's vegan friendly too! 


The last item in the Essentials Box this month is from a brand that we at Simple Swaps know and love, Perfect Potion

What bathroom cleaning box would be complete without something to keep it smelling fresh?

These divinely aromatic room sprays can be used to freshen any room in your home and elevate the atmosphere with the inspired aromas of pure essential oils. These aromatic room sprays remove stale odours and leave the room lush, naturally fragrant and can also be used as a linen spray.

We couldn't choose just one scent so we distributed a variety of different room sprays throughout the boxes and we hope you love the one we chose for you.


Now for the Deluxe Box additions.

If you are lucky enough to be receiving a Deluxe box this month, you will have the added benefit of this Green Goo  Mould Killer evaporative gel. 

This is a 100% natural, self evaporating product developed specifically for indoor areas. Just open a container, place it in an airflow and the pleasant smelling vapour from Green Goo's proprietary formulation of mould killing essential oils immediately starts releasing into the air killing the cause of nasty mouldy odours.

This size is suitable for an average lounge/dining room and will last a minimum 30 days and up to 90 days, for larger rooms just use multiple tubs.


Last but not least for October

This toilet brush from Eco Max Brushes is made from coconut fibre which is naturally antibacterial so it won't become smelly or mouldy. It's long lasting and the bristles don't bend and flatten like nylon bristles do. 

The galvanised wire won't rust, the handle is made from sustainable timer and it is completely biodegradable. 


That's it for this month. Stay tuned for November because it's a good one. 

Until next time

Kylie x

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