Be Eco Cotton Hemp Exfoliating Glove

Be Eco Cotton Hemp Exfoliating Glove

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This 100% natural cotton & hemp bath body glove is made from salon grade, high density pure plant fibres. Use this natural exfoliating mitt with your favourite soap bar to gently exfoliate, stimulate circulation and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Free from chemicals and synthetic fibres this eco-friendly glove will remove dead skin and leave your skin refreshed and glowing. 

Made from cotton and hemp fibre it's perfect for exfoliating and stimulating your skin. Wet skin brushing with an exfoliating glove can help to remove dry skin, improve circulation and help with lymphatic drainage.


1 x 100% natural cotton hemp (approximately 22cm x 12cm)


Wet the glove and apply soap to lather
Keep the pouch away from the direct flow of the water to ensure maximum suds
Apply to wet skin in a circular motion working you way up from your feet to your neck
Rinse and hang to air dry, store in a dry place between uses